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An app that accompanies children aged 7-11 living under existential threat - emergency design.


Moderator: Kenny Segal

"There are resilience centers that offer treatments, but there is no real-time response to children."

Mother of three children, Sderot

The need to accompany children in emergencies is critical. It is very important how the child experiences the emergency event and what level of trauma will develop in him as a result. Developing resilience in children is a major tool for properly coping with emergencies and the ability to quickly return to routine. The app incorporates tools for dealing with emergencies such as breathing exercises, the ability to express emotions, real-time news tailored to children and a button that informs parents where the child is in during an emergency. The app is designed in an empowering way and in accordance with the child's stress symptoms.

When the child is stressed, his hands are shaking so large buttons are needed. The pupils dilate and the vision is slightly blurred, so large clear and dotted fonts are needed. There is a cognitive load on the brain during stress, so icons and pictures and a few details on the screen are needed. A child needs the feeling that he is not alone when he is stressed, so for this there is an asexual, empathetic, and friendly, warm, and loving friendly character who accompanies him. The terminology of colors and shapes express calmness and security, friendship, and serenity that the child needs during stress.


Revaya More

A little about me

Revaya More

My passion is to improve people's quality of life through design. I believe that design has the power to change our everyday experience and the challenges we face. 
User Experience Designer, UXUI.

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